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We design, make and sell

creative gifts & innovative homeware, online and offline.

We go out and gather the most special things for you.

Pop in to our retail sites or email us

to share with us your thoughts.

Staying creative, being practical, seasoning daily life with a bit of style.

This is ideaPOT...

You may have this moment that you were dry of ideas when looking for best gifts for loved ones.


You may have this moment that when you wanted to add some style to your home to make it stand out from the ordinaries but got nothing from high street shelves.


You may remember this moment of excitement when you saw one product that resonate with your imagination.


Here is ideaPOT, a London based dynamic young company, where the fresh thinking, as well as innovative items meet your needs of creativity and uniqueness. We may not be able to hand you the whole cake like those big names, but we make sure that we give you the cherry on top.


This is ideaPOT!

We love to hear from you

We are open to any feedbacks and advices; or you may share with us the sparks of your mind, one day it might turn to a real product bearing your name.

ideaPOT is much more than an online shopping destination, it is where imagination gains wings and flies high, not in dream, but to the real life.