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Hi, we’re ideaPOT and started from a market stall in London’s Old Spitalfields Market in 2012. Our goal was to create fun and stylish gifts and homeware that everyone would enjoy and would want to see in their homes. We also enjoyed seeing people’s faces as they discovered our range, all designed by a team of wonderful designers based on our original ideas.

ideaPOT designing

In 2017 we started to take our lovely little company on the road and meet more people around the UK and show them our homewares. We expanded and improved our range, based on what customers told us, always adding a bit more of the wow factor that people love. We think this was what brought back regular customers to our business time and time again, looking for new gifts for their friends and family.

ideaPOT Work Space Image.jpg

We’ve kept to the principles we’ve had since the very beginning, putting the customer first and only selling the best-made products we can. We make sure everything is quality checked at the factory and then again before we send it to you. And if that wasn’t enough, we have made our returns policy simple, so in the unlikely event that you aren’t happy with the product, we can find something else you’ll love.

We want everything we do to be unique, fun and have that little bit of the wow factor. So let us know anytime what new products or improvements you’d like to see.

About Us

'Welcome to ideaPOT, we hope you like what we do because we love it.'

We believe life should be simple and fun and we think this is reflected in our products. We’ve focused on homeware as we love brightening up our rooms with something functional and fun. In our experience, we’ve found that a lot of homeware has been sometimes great to look at, but not always the best quality, so when we started, we decided that everything we sold had to be made to the highest standards. It’s something we are still proud to be able to say.

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