ideaPOT Zoetrope Clocks

New Zoetrope Animation Clocks

Wood Style 

Digital Clock

Made with the same material as your furniture with a sleek design.

We hate ordinary, so we decide to start the day saying 'action'.

Clapperboard Digital Clock

£ 56

Burano Style Photo Frame

Vintage style frames inspired by the colourful buildings on the Burano Ireland.

£ 12

Flip Clock

We bring the classic retro style back to life by fitting it into interesting modern designs. They are not only clocks but also a brilliant decoration to your beloved space, which shows off the taste of its owner.

'Mind The Time' Gearwheel Clock



ideaPOT, a London based dynamic young company, where the fresh thinking, as well as innovative items meet your needs of creativity and uniqueness.

As ideaPOT, we work with talented designers to provide creative and interesting products.




Premium Quality

Two quality checks are carried out, post-manufacture and pre-dispatch, to guarantee our products' quality on the highest standard.

Unique Design

We work with talented designers to bring very interesting ideas into everyday items.

Customer Care

We are always proud of our customer services. Our one to one service aims to solve any problems for you fussy free.

Fast Delivery

Dispatch in 24 hours and shipping by Royal Mail's reliable services, UK and worldwide.

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