WOOD style DIGITAL clock


The Wood Style Digital Clock range originates from Kouji Iwasaki's work which has won the top prize on International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa (IFDA) 2002. The very first work was in a bulky cuboid shape with digits floating on a piece of wooden block.

This clock had soon become popular worldwide and had been developing with new features, such as the alarm function, and the most interesting sound activated display, etc. Furthermore, now we have the clock in different shapes and finishes to make it fit into the corner of your room.

The 1st Design


The latest 3rd gen clocks might look quite similar to the previous ones. However, with new features and a brand new buttons layout, they are much more user-friendly. ​

  • Tap to wake up the screen with the Sound Activated Display

The battery can last months in this mode.


  • Touch the top of the clock to snooze 

Snooze becomes as easy as touch and you can snooze the alarm up to 5 times.


  • Rechargeable or plugin

Say goodbye to disposable batteries. The clock comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. It lasts months if you switch on the energy-saving 'Sound Activated Display'.

  • Use it worldwide

The clock comes​ with the universal USB cable.


  • A bell symbol on the display indicates the status of the alarm.


  • Up to 3 groups alarm can be set to different times.

  • The alarm volume is adjustable.


  • Weekday Alarm


  • A much smoother setting with the new Rotary Knob


  • Main Switch

Switch it off to save the power when not using (such as in your luggage during travel).


  • The display brightness is adjustable.

The brightness automatically dims at night and can be set manually as well.


  • 24/12 hour display

Display 'PM' in 12-hour mode.​


  • Display Date and approximate ambient temperature

Temperature unit can be set between ℃ and F. Model WD69-3 displays the day as well.



Our Wood Style Digital Clock range has 3 shapes, 4 finishes, 4 LED colours, which makes 42 varieties altogether. It is easy to find the right one to fit into the corner of your room. Please check the gallery below for images of the full range.

Please note: product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

  • MODEL WD23-3

  • MODEL WD24-3

  • MODEL WD69-3




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