Animated Zoetrope Clock

Fun times

Zoetrope Clock Walking Man Motion Illust

These clocks have taken the traditional second hand and turned it into an animation. Our favourite is the Love Heart design which beats with every second, but you might love the running horse which looks back to the original magic lantern images of running horses. There is a design for everybody the music lover, hiker or cat lover.

Zoetrope Heart Scene Image SM120521.jpg

Want to give a centrepiece to a room that is both fun and stylish? Our (Zoetrope) clocks are an amusing gift for everyone. Their fun moving images will be a talking point over any dinner and brighten your kitchen or living room.

Zoetrope Horse Scene Image SM120521.jpg

Whichever of these fabulous clocks you go for it will look great and provide hours of amusing chat with friends and family.

We update our range all the time, so if you don’t find the one you want now, come back soon and we’re sure you will find the clock that is right for you.

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