Flip Clock

The idea of the flip clock is from the 60s last century. The same mechanism was often seen on the airport information board. This type of mechanical clock had been soon widely superseded by digital clocks. We have now brought this classic retro style back to life by combining it with interesting modern designs. 

Our very 1st flip clock is the classic Frameless Desktop Flip Clock, designed by the talented designer Mr Su. They then were developed into a range of products, free-standing ones and wall mounting ones. They can be both decorative and functional. Meanwhile, we also gain inspiration from real-life items and put them into the design, such as the popular Bicycle Flip Clock, Biplane Flip Clock and Ship Flip Clock. These designs are specific and ideal for people with certain hobbies. 


‘They are not only clocks but also a brilliant decoration to your beloved space, which shows off the taste of its owner.’


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more colour options are available for some designs

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