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Leaf Carving Art

Preserve your most precious memories on a piece of natural leaf.

ideaPOT Leaf Carving Art is a refreshing artform to connect nature with your memories. Architecture, wildlife, festivals, tradition, motto... can all be inscribed on this unconventional art material. If you are looking for something original, unique, and innovative, this is an unmissable item for your collection.

Leaf Carve Deer In Frame Next To Vase 1.jpg

Every leaf has a story to tell

The most attractive feature of our Leaf Carving Art is that the complex venation is left perfectly intact after carving, creating a translucent texture just like dragonfly wings.

Another charm of this art is the sentimental sepia tone, evocative of nostalgic antique photos. It is intense in some areas and soft in others. The transition brings out a very romantic and dreamy effect.

To best display the Leaf Carving Art, we specifically designed a solid wooden frame for it. The feature of slim edges harmonizes with the elegant style of our artwork. Currently, there are options of dark walnut and white ash. Each colour goes well with the craftwork of different patterns.

Leaf Carve Bike In Frame Next To Vase 3.jpg

The Details

Our Leaf Carving Art, as light as a feather, as supple as silk, soundlessly records the blissful moment of your life and the glorious scenery of this planet. 

Leaf Carving Art Bend The Leaf.jpg
Leaf Carving Art Image Detail 1.jpg
Leaf Carving Art Image Detail 2.jpg

After thorough trimming, strands of vascular tissue stand out. They function as transporting channels for food and water. It's amazing to observe this intricate system, and it looks even more magical when shining a light through it.

Tiny imperfections can be found on each leaf, such as creases and small damage. But it doesn't affect the whole look. On the contrary, it adds the beauty of nature to this artwork.

Craft Process

Craft Process

From a fallen leaf to a piece of art, the crafting process takes a lot of patience and attention to details.

  • Collecting leaves: we chose Platanus leaves fallen in early autumn when they are still tender.

  • Rinsing: rinse the leaves with freshwater as early as possible after they fall off.

  • Soaking: treat the leaves with a specially made solution to make them flexible and durable.

  • Airing: dry up the leaves.

  • Preliminary trim: whittle the surface of the leaf to make it flat and ready to be carved. 

  • Carving: burin, brushes, and needles are to be used now for such delicate work.


Customization Process

We offer customized service of Leaf Carving Art. Simply provide us with images that are meaningful to you, such as portraits, names, animals, architecture etc. High definition and high contrast photos are recommended.

Leaf Carving Art Portrait Sample 2.jpg
Leaf Carving Art Portrait Sample 1.jpg
Leaf Carving Art Portrait Sample 3.jpg
  1. Place the order of Customization Leaf Carving Art here.

  2. We’ll contact you to request an original image once we receive your order.

  3. You will send us the original image by replying to the email.

  4. We may discuss the possibility of turning your source image into leaf art. Because in some cases, the finished product may not accurately bring out the sensation or mood of the original photo.

  5. It takes 3-5 working days for us to get back to you with the sample artwork design.

  6. Once the sample is confirmed online, we’ll start to make the personalized leaf art.

  7. The finished product will be posted to you within 4-6 weeks.

Produce Source Image

Provide Source Image

Produce & confirm sample image

Tower Bridge Design Leaf Carving Art Main.png

Finished Leaf Carving

Choose the one you love

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